Ever expanding idea

As we bring together our team of experts to brainstorm and plan out research and development, the possibilities continue to expand. Technology these days allows so much to be done that wasn’t even possible 12 months ago. This means this app is automatically leaps and bounds ahead of golf apps created last year. This also means we are looking forward at technology currently being developed in various related industries to make sure we can incorporate them as they come to fruition.

So much of what we have in the works can be done today. That is exciting and terrifying at the same time. Our team has the skills, background, and to really make this project move forward quickly. However, since time and money are limiting commodities, prioritizing tasks and phases is heavily coming into play. Our ideas can be applied to many industries, and be used both for profit and for academia, so we are finding no difficulty developing the network to open necessary doors. Everyone can gain from this project, so the ideas are “selling” themselves.

Our goal is to advance the ideas and the tech and to help all the industries. Money is just a commodity, one that we aren’t really prioritizing. The idea is so genius, that commodity will accumulate on its own by default without ever overcharging anyone.

Very exciting times. We look forward to being less vague and more descriptive. But that will have to wait until we launch our working prototype.

Expanding Your Golf Experience